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Welcome to the Online PTO documentation and discussion web site.

Onlinepto.com was created by Kappa Computer Solutions, LLC(external link) to provide web-based support services to Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) and Associations (PTA), although other types of organizations might also benefit from its features (see the Key Features section, below).

You do not need an account to view or search the documentation, but you will if you want to post comments. Please note that accounts here are completely separate and distinct from the services parts of the web site (at https://onlinepto.com/organization).

If you need help, good places to start are How To Get Started, Frequently Asked Questions, and the Documentation Index. You can also check in the user forums.

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Key Features Of Online PTO

  • A secure, school or district-wide student directory, individual class directories, and optional committee or other group directories (for internal PTA/PTO membership use)
  • An administrator-reviewed, self-registration system that allows school or district families to request access to the system and enter their personal directory information
  • A directory import facility to transfer account, person, and/or group (e.g. class or family) information from another source, such as a school or district database or "last year's spreadsheet"
  • Self-service password assignment and lost-password recovery
  • Marketplaces (online stores) for payment of fees, spirit-wear or uniform sales, hot lunch program sales, etc. and even wish lists
    • Each marketplace can be independently managed (e.g. by different committees of the PTA/PTO or school/district departments)
  • Encrypted web access and other security features to help prevent unauthorized access to information
For more information, see the Features Index documentation.

Note: Some features may be disabled at the request of your sponsoring organization.

What Online PTO Is NOT

Online PTO is not a mailing list service for marketing to, locating, or otherwise contacting parent/teacher groups.

Request A Free Trial

To request a free trial, contact Kappa Computer Solutions, LLC at 847-412-0713 or via our contact page.